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Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney specialise in fixing residential, commercial and strata properties that have had significant water damage as a result of a leaking shower.

What causes a shower leak?

Shower leaks have several causes. The main factor is building movement. So if the shower recess has not been sealed correctly the water will seep right through. Over time sealants and grouts can degrade and come loose opening the pathway to a definite shower leak.

Where can I spot a shower leak?

A leak from a shower area can appear in many different locations. Evidence of a leak can appear the walls to the surrounding areas and at the entrance to the bathroom. 

If you are dealing with a leak where there is excessive amounts of water penetrating under the tiled surface, then you need to call Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney immediately. 

In most cases people tend to call a plumber to fix a leaking shower leak. However, in a majority of cases leaking showers are not a plumbing problem. It is far more likely due to an underlying problem such as aged or damaged grout joints, silicone peeling and gaps in wall and floor joins that have happened as a result of building movement and wear and tear. None of these issues are plumbing related. Plugging the leak with silicone simply won’t last. 

A leaking shower repair needs to be done properly. Which means all waterproofingtiling, grouting and sealing must be done from scratch.

This does not always mean the whole bathroom needs to be redone. We can re-do the entire shower base and walls at least one tile space high, which will be a more cost effective and efficient way to combat a leaking shower issue.

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