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Leaking Shower Repairs in Sylvania Waters

We provide immediate repairs of shower leaks. We use professional sealing to guarantee that your shower leaks are properly fixed. A new shower head can reduce the possibilities of future leaks while also reducing the amount of water you use and save money on your water bill. Repairing a leaking shower is a job for the qualified. Our knowledge of building, construction and plumbing systems means we find the root of the problem and offer you piece of mind that leaking showers don’t reoccur.

When you employ us you will always get a efficient and reliable service, we only use the best quality products and waterproofing to repair your shower. So you have peace of mind that the job is done right and will last. We always believe you do the job once and do it correctly. We don’t use or send out any contractors to complete the works its all done by our qualified team member that has 20 years experience and is fully accomplished to deal with this issue.

Leaking Shower Repairs Abbotsbury
Leaking Shower Repairs Abbotsbury

Shower Leak Repair Service

In contrast, we are Sydney’s leading master in repairs & rebuilds of leaking shower and bathrooms. Above all, our Leaking Shower Repairs Sylvania Waters team has 20 years’ experience in wet area rectification. Most noteworthy, we specialise in competitive shower repairs and replacement due to a leaking shower. So in reality, we take care of broken or cracked tiles needing removal or repair. In effect, we take care of shower screen reestablish and at the same time tiling and mould build up within the wet areas.

It’s important to remember, no to ignore these signs and let them develop into a major problem. In short you should call our Leaking Shower Repairs Sylvania Waters Team today for a recommendation. By the same token, a leak from a shower area can appear in many diverse locations, such as below, through the walls or surrounding areas. Hence, if you are dealing with a leak wherein exaggerated amounts of water is penetrating under the tiled surface, it is better to seek our help. Therefore, by and large, our experts will arrive hastily and to sum up will get rid of those nasty leaks.

Leaking Shower Repair Experts

There’s usually very few common reasons for a shower leak. If there is movement in the building, it causes the grout to break and leak between the shower floor and wall. The grout may also break down over time or become impermeable due to being old. We specialise in economic shower leak repairs in Sydney. We repair damages caused due to a leaking shower, cracked tiles needing eradication or repair, shower screen replacement and removing any mouldy accumulation around the shower area due to the leaks.

A leaking shower if deserted will be the source of a lot of aggravation and financial loss. There is more than one ratiocination why they leak. There is no need to undergo expensive building repairs of retiling and demolishing. Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney can solve your problem without expelling tiles in your shower, using our proven procedure and a combination of sealants. Even more, your shower will not only be watertight but also regenerated and better looking.

Leaking Shower Repairs Abbotsbury


Leaking Shower Repair Sydney strives to give all our customers the best affordable solution, hence we provide FREE QUOTE before we start any project.

We Beat Any Quote

Furthermore we beat any written quote, everything that’s mentioned on any written quote will be matched 1 for 1 and beaten on price, customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Service Solution

We offer a solution for outweighing the rest in this industry , most companies only provide you with a temporary fix, at Leaking shower Repairs Sydney we do not spray chemicals to band aid the issue we start from scratch.

1. Remove the shower screen depending on type
2. Remove wall tiles being the bottom row
3. Removal of floor tiles
4. Use Acid Wash
5. Polyurethane bond breakers which is applied in junctions
6. Installation of high flexible waterproof membrane
7. Install Wall and floor tiles
8. Final clean-up of rubbish

Step 1

Complete Removal of Tiles


Bathroom Waterproofing

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Leaking Shower Repairs

Bathroom Silicone Work

Bathroom Tiling

Leaking Balcony Repair

Bathroom Makeovers

Bathroom Sealing

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Our Leaking Shower Repairs Team have been operating across Sydney since 2006.

With this in mind, we apply our trademark precision and care to all bathroom waterproofing jobs.

In view of our Shower Repairs, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

For this reason, to being with, our waterproofing work will your stop leaks and further damage to your bathroom.

Contact us without delay to discuss your bathroom waterproofing requirements.

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