Bathroom Makeovers

We can turn you bathroom into a masterpiece.

Your bathroom should be the ultimate place of retreat and relaxation in your home. In order to give yourself and your family a bathroom that each one of you will enjoy, entrust the building of your new bathroom to Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney. Our team of bathroom builders and contractors will provide your home the bathroom you envisioned, that will add value to your home and enhance your domestic life.

From ceiling to the floor and everything in between. 

Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney provide complete bathroom renovation services. We take care of the design, build, and installation stages of your new bathroom. Not to mention demolition and removal of your old bathroom. Our designers will come out to your Sydney home or business in order to get an idea of your style and build requirements. Everyone has different tastes and usage requirements, which is why we can give you our expert advice for what sort of materials and fixtures work best for your bathroom’s space.

We look after any type of bathroom. From your humble home, to your commercial restroom or hotel bathroom room. We can manufacture a bathroom fit for your home or your business space. Keeping in mind it’s functionality, style and aesthetic appeal.

Leaking Shower Repairs Sydney not only design bathrooms for homes, but we also design for commercial and industrial spaces. Our qualified tradespeople have decades of experience in what is required for commercial bathrooms. From material types to what sort of storage solutions and fixtures are required for various industries.

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